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Loudon VA Auto Insurance and Accidents Involving Wildlife

Loudon VA Auto Insurance and Accidents Involving Wildlife

The autumn months are upon us, and this is a time when certain types of incidents involving automobiles, and claims, are more prominent. Motorists should familiarize themselves with some fairly common occurrences this fall in order to avoid some of these common Loudon VA auto insurance claims.


Wild animals are sometimes responsible for physical damage to cars


The number of deer related accidents spike every fall. Animals cause a lot of car accidents every year due to their unpredictable nature, and when they dart out from tall weeds or a nearby forest onto roads and highways they can be difficult to avoid. Most car insurance carriers handle nearly all car accidents involving animals in the same manner.

Comprehensive coverage will protect most motorists involved in a collision with an animal, provided that the damage exceeds any deductible. It’s a good idea to have a police report to show to the insurer as well. Knowing what damage to look for and how to handle an animal damage car insurance claim can save both time and money.

Deer are easily the most common animals hit on U.S. roadways and deer auto accident statistics are staggering. The only thing a motorist can control is their own reaction to suddenly seeing a deer on the road a few feet from their car. Unfortunately, deer are large enough to do serious damage to a car and sometimes can even cause injury to the driver and passengers, depending on the vehicle’s speed and the type of vehicle.

Swerving to miss a deer is a natural reaction, but it takes focus to consider all the repercussions of swerving. While a deer can cause quite a bit of damage to a vehicle, the potential for major damage is much greater if a car plows into a tree. The best course of action is to decelerate and keep a straight course to reduce damage.

Loudon VA auto insurance is great for these types of claims. Remember that a police report will verify information about the accident to the insurance claim adjuster, and while some insurance carriers do not require a police report, it’s always a good idea to check with an agent to get verification of this.


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Dignicare Means Treating Residents with Compassion, Dignity

Dignicare Means Treating Residents with Compassion, Dignity

When a family makes the often-painful decision to place a relative in assisted living they realize that it is the best option available that will provide the required assistance and also give the individual the care and attention they need. They also expect that the staff will be trained well enough to handle any situation that may arise.


All they really need to know is that their loved one is in capable hands and that the facility, first and foremost, provides their residents with Dignicare, and that means they truly understand that their residents are loved and respected individuals that deserve the proper care at this point in their lives.


Families need reassurance that the staff cares about the residents


There is an old saying that

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance for Logistics Professionals

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance for Logistics Professionals

Business owners working within the warehousing industry might find themselves offering services to their clients not generally covered under other policies. Coverage for these services can only be found under a professional liability policy. Logistics Management Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance, or E&O for logistics professionals, is designed to cover those exposures that fall outside the general liability policy.

A general liability policy usually contains some type of professional liability exclusion. Specifically, the insurance carrier will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of “bodily injury or property damage”.

Therefore, if there is no bodily injury or property damage, but a customer experiences some type of an economic loss and blames it on the someone responsible for the safe transit of their goods, then this type of loss would not be covered since it does not fall within the coverage definition.

E&O covers claims of a “wrongful act”

The policy will pay, on behalf of the insured, those amounts in excess of the deductible that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages from claims as a result of any wrongful act. Any person who is qualified to perform as a Consolidator, Customs Broker, or Freight Forwarder can be covered under such a policy, or the policy can be endorsed with special wording regarding other services related to supply chain management.

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect the individual or company whenever a mistake is made, or when a client perceives this to be a fact. E&O policies will cover judgments, settlements, and defense costs even when a claim proves to be baseless. The amount of money a small business would spend to defend even a groundless lawsuit could cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, resulting in bankruptcy, or will at least have a huge impact on any financial bottom line.

Logistics professionals provide a service to a client for a fee and should have E&O insurance protection. The policy form is a “claims made” policy. Claims must occur within the period and reported no later than 60 days after the policy period unless it is agreed upon by the insurance carrier that an extended policy period exists. The logistics professionals E&O liability policy will provide coverage when an unfortunate incident does occur.


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The Beginning of Telemedicine

Need a physician’s explanation note for school or work however don’t want to invest time and cash to really go to the physician? Well, look no farther in relation to the Internet. As a result of the development of “telemedicine,” it is possible to get yourself a printable physician’s explanation online, through reputable sites which specialize in on-line physician consultations. Due to new technology allowing patients to contact their physicians through telephone and via the internet, telemedicine is growing into a resource that many people are utilizing in their everyday life.

Along with the integration of the world wide web in the Information Age, it’s just rational that essential services like health care use new technologies for increased simplicity. Services offering online physician consultations and prescriptions exist together with the comprehension that telecommunications is a instrument to enhance the service the healthcare sector supplies. Many healthcare systems have incorporated this type of health care; and more are following suit quickly.

How are consultations and prescriptions available online for consumers?

Together with the encompassing network the Internet provides, it’s simpler more than ever before to link people who have hardware as well as wirelessly through buildings, linking communities and nations world-wide.

Before being able to get consultations and prescriptions online, patients had to visit their physician’s office, or have a doctor do a home visit just to get any medical advice or treatment. Seeing patients and diagnosing illnesses have become pricey and very time consuming, along with the rising costs of health care. Imagine how time could efficiently be used to separate visits that are informational only over the internet and have those who need actual treatment or diagonises come to the office. Visits to the office would decrease and so would waiting time for all patients. Physicians would be able to see and treat those who need it.

Telemedicine‘s Affects on the Everyday Consumer

There are numerous telemedicine services offering a range of complete services, which include medical consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, and physician’s notes for school as well as the workplace. This makes this service perfect for those who travel for leisure or company, in addition to the ones in transport sectors including aviators and train operators, pupils, and individuals in the go generally. Those that don’t possess time to make an appointment, let alone visit a doctor’s office to get a little ailment may be readily treated online, for more rapid alleviation at their convenience. This service is particularly well suited for those with little or no health insurance, as prices are generally lesser and much more foreseeable.

As time goes on, it’s a precedence in medical sector to make telemedicine, or internet physician consultations more accessible and affordable for private use in the home. Already many adjustments are designed to offer affordable equipment to consumers. Greater accessibility and efficacy of the health care sector will favorably affect people’s standard of living.


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The Basics of Workmans Comp in Indiana

What’s Indiana Workmans Comp?

Workmans Comp in Indiana is the kind of insurance pays for all costs related to a workers’ harms including, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and long-term impairment or death.

This is quite easy. Each company is assigned a particular categorization which signifies the level of danger in workers’ sector, since the danger of harms to them varies by the kind of work they perform. There are about 500 categorizations which are released by the state to cover company, and every sector in Indiana. The level of risk of harms determines the premium rate for each classification in the sector it represents. i.e. The premium rate of a convenience store is higher, and lower than a building contractor’s than a telemarketing company’s.

If you employ any workers, and are running a company in the state of Indiana, the state labor commission requires you to have workers’ compensation insurance. The only companies are the ones managed exclusively by the owners with no workers. To put it differently, if you’ve got any employees including seasonal part time help or occasional you must get workers’ compensation coverage. You run the risk of significant fines, and potential shut down of your company if you manage without it. An employee is regarded as anyone who isn’t a legal owner, and works for the company. The relatives including the owner, who do any work for the business’ kids are also regarded as workers if such relative or kids are giving time without pay.

Are Owners Insured Under a Workmans Comp Coverage in Indiana?

The owners with no employees are insured only if they would like to be. To put it differently, the owners have the option. This would mean if they can be contained in the coverage they’re additionally entitled to the benefits in case they’re injured. If you decide to be comprised, then your pay roll would additionally be contained in the computation of your workmans comp premium. It is also possible to choose to be excluded from coverage; in this instance the premium for your pay roll wouldn’t be billed.

Who is Regarded as an Owner?

Who can be excluded is discovered based on the legal kind of possession of your company. The three most common legal possession things used by companies are as follows:

  1. Sole proprietorship or individual possession – in this situation, the individual, their partner and their relatives that were resident can be excluded from coverage.
  2. Venture – All partners can be excluded, relatives and spouses can’t be excluded.
  3. Corporation – All investors who are also officials only if the officials possess 100% of the stock of a corporation can be excluded. Officials who don’t have shares or share holders who aren’t officials can’t be excluded. Relatives and partners can’t be excluded.

EPL and Temporary Staffing Insurance

EPL and Temporary Staffing Insurance

Perhaps the largest exposure your staffing agency faces is claims resulting from employment-related exposures, which in turn results from the placement of your employees in positions under the direction and control of your clients. It’s important to confirm that any temporary staffing insurance coverage includes an employment practices liability (EPL) policy for your agency, and one that includes temporary employees under the definition of employees covered by the policy.


Because it is such a complex relationship between your agency, the temporary employees, and your client companies, typically, both the temporary staffing agency and the client company are often sued jointly when an employment-related lawsuit is filed.


Most clients will insist your agency carry EPL insurance


As a temporary staffing agency, your contract with clients may require that your EPL policy defend or cover damages resulting from employment-related lawsuits made against them by your temporary employees. To cover your agency against this particular exposure, your EPL policy would need to be specifically endorsed or extended.


While many suits are groundless, with employees accusing managers, co-workers, or staff from either company of discrimination, harassment, or being denied a job or position that they felt they were qualified for, defending against these types of claims can be very costly and time-consuming as well.


Employment law is complex and varies depending on jurisdiction. Lawyers should be well versed in every aspect of EPL laws and be able to prove that a case does not have merit. But again, the costs for litigation can be extremely high and when a settlement is made in favor of the plaintiff, damage awards can be quite excessive, and most experts predict that employment law will only become more complex over time. EPL insurance is a very important component of temporary staffing insurance, because it covers both the cost of defense and the resultant damages from an alleged covered claim.


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Insurance for Nursing Homes

Insurance for Nursing Homes and D&O Exposures

As the owner of a healthcare facility, you realize the need to protect directors and officers of your company from exposures related to their duties. As such, insurance for nursing homes can include a rider for directors and officers (D&O) for this type of exposure.


The main reason that healthcare organizations need to have more specifically-tailored D&O insurance than, say, non-healthcare entities, is because they’re highly regulated and face a multitude of exposures unique to their field of work. Additionally, they must also manage a potentially serious exposure that faces many business entities, but nonetheless may be more prevalent in the healthcare field than in many other segments of the economy: antitrust violations.


Antitrust violations can pose a major threat


Healthcare organizations, assisted living homes, and nursing homes to some extent, must perform a balancing act that most other companies in the US do not see as an issue. You want to be successful and be profitable, but you can’t allow yourself to become too dominant in your geographic region or you may be accused of creating a monopoly and violating antitrust laws.


Purchasing a healthcare-specific D&O policy available on the market today is your best option. These policies generally provide coverage for antitrust claims against all insureds, including the entity, which is especially important. In addition to antitrust violation exposures you can be accused of any of the following:


  1. HIPAA violations
  2. Excess benefit transaction tax violations: Liability related to the tax status, services, and value provided to the organization which, if disputed, you may face personal liability
  3. Internal revenue code violations: For tax status filing and reporting requirements imposed on the business
  4. Medicare/Medicaid fraud and billing liability
  5. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) violations


There are many exposures of directors and officers in the medical profession. Insurance for nursing homes for D&O liability concerns is available. Speak to an agent today.


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Online Insurance Marketing

Tips for Improving Online Insurance Marketing Strategies

Building an online insurance marketing presence will enhance any business, and this includes those people whose business is online insurance marketing and services. Here are a few ways to get noticed by those visiting these important service providers and ways to make a website stand out from the competition.


1. Be user-friendly

Websites that are difficult to navigate and don’t present a clear message of what they do or how they can help visitors don’t perform very well. One of the quickest ways to lose website traffic is to have a website that is hard to use. Bad graphics that don’t load quickly, or broken links and missing or incorrect information are just a few ways websites fail to invoke the desired results.


2. Make the website engaging


Website visitors like to have the capability to engage with the site owners or representatives. Don’t make this a difficult process, but rather, make online quote and customer service forms easy to fill out and send. It will make visitors feel appreciated and welcomed, especially if the response time is quick. Encourage any and all feedback, even the negative kind.


3. Customize the site to fit the company image


If a website looks and sounds like everyone else’s, consumers can get bored quite quickly and they likely won’t stick around for very long. People like to do business with people and companies they like, so don’t be afraid to let the personality of the agents be a presence.


4. Blogging can be a big advantage


Blogging can turn a website into a favorite insurance destination because blogs quite often offer valuable, helpful information to consumers. For example, provide tips on how to save money, how to expedite a claim, or debunk common insurance myths. Blogging is an extension of the website, and one having useful content will have visitors coming back again and again.


5. Google Analytics is a game changer


Google offers this to all website owners, and it provides details about site visitors.

Besides giving basic data about the number of visitors to a site, how long they spend there, and how many pages they click on, there are multiple advanced uses for analytics, including:


  • Setting conversion goals (such as a “thank you” page)


  • Determining which pages are leading to conversions


  • Free AB testing/optimization


  • Finding top content, and


  • Identifying content that is underperforming


Adding Google Analytics to a site can provide some very useful information, giving those in the online insurance marketing business some ideas on how to improve an existing website.


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Blogging Terms

Marketing and Strategies for Insurance Websites

There is so much competition when it comes to insurance websites that one needs to consider the elements that determine a successful site from one that flounders. Here are a few ideas that can help make, or break, a website if executed properly.


Starting a blog can help generate repeat visitors


Writing a blog is a great way to have a source for valuable content. Where content marketing helps is when it truly offers topics that consumers find valuable and resourceful. Don’t write about the benefits of a policy or service that has nothing to do with the type of insurance available, unless there is a tie-in or other value. Don’t write only about insurance, but interesting topics like the new technology being developed for automobiles, or about great ways to shop for appliances to help save consumers money. The content should be interesting and engaging.


Email newsletters highlighting blogs and other information


A regular email newsletter is a way for those policyholders that don’t actively read blogs to partake in receiving this info as well. This is a surefire way to disseminate the great content from a blog written for the business or agency and putting it together in an email newsletter format. This way clients and prospects all have access to the same useful information.


Promote the site through social media


With new blog posts coming out every week, wouldn’t it be a great idea to share these on some social networks? Unlike email or even telephone marketing, social media audiences have the ability to “add”, “like”, or “follow” pages and businesses they have a keen interest in. That’s why sharing high quality content to social networks can be key to having a socially engaged network of followers.


Facebook is one good way to run a referral campaign. Agents can promote the content through email and social networks in order to submit referrals. This is another avenue for getting emails out to clients on the social media channels and also social media followers to read all the great blog posts and links these insurance websites have been sharing.


Whether trying to do a blog, email newsletters, or using social media, or all three, it’s best to approach this in a logical manner. Trying to do each of these can be exhausting, but take a single piece of content and multipurpose it across all mediums, and the amount of work needed to perform this is now significantly lessened.


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Diamond Ring

Choosing the Right New Jersey Jewelry Insurance Policy

People buy expensive jewelry for loved ones as a sign of their love of that special person, or for the marking of a special occasion in their lives. When it comes to insuring an engagement ring, or other valuable jewelry, a person basically has two options; they can purchase an extension on their homeowners’ or renters’ insurance (also called a “rider”) that specifically covers the valuable item, or they can purchase a separate New Jersey jewelry insurance policy listing all of the valuables they want to cover.


Many of those that don’t have homeowners’ or renters’ insurance are likely to take out a policy through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance and can offer the specific coverage required based on the needs of the individual. The cost of coverage can vary greatly based on several factors, including the value of the item, where they live (because areas with a high theft rate will often pay increased rates), as well as whether or not the policy being considered has a deductible.


Important considerations when purchasing insurance


Policies without deductibles are likely to have higher monthly premiums. And, just as with any policy, including health and car insurance, it’s always a good idea to ask the insurer exactly how the deductible works. Other important questions to ask a potential policy provider is who chooses who repairs the jewelry should it become damaged? If the policy is for replacement value (instead of a cash payout) what happens if a suitable replacement cannot be found? When a claim is filed how does one go about proving the item was stolen? Also, are there any circumstances that aren’t covered?


Getting an appraisal is very sound advice


Before protecting the value of a high-priced piece of jewelry it’s important to know what it’s actual worth is. A thorough appraisal will include the carat weight, cut, color, and clarity of any diamonds, the carat weight and shape of any colored stones, the metal type and fineness, as well as any identifying marks, hallmarks, or stamps.


Most New Jersey jewelry insurance companies will require an appraisal for higher value pieces (for example, rings worth $5,000 or more) while an invoice or receipt suffices for less expensive items. If the center stone is around half a carat or larger, the jeweler will often provide a diamond certificate or grading report from an independent gemological laboratory.


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