Crimes happen all of the time, yet you may be wondering if your business really needs commercial crime insurance. You know that you need all sorts of coverages to make sure that your business is fully protected. But do you know some of the main reasons you may want to also get commercial crime coverage?

  1. Protect Your Inventory – Did you know that many insurances may not protect you if an employee feels they are entitled to some of your businesss inventory? However, crime insurance will reimburse you if an employee, or anyone, steels some of your inventory.
  2. Protect Your Cash – Similarly, business property coverage may not reimburse cash or checks that were stolen, lost in a fire or lost in another disaster. If you get commercial crime insurance your cash is covered in more events.
  3. Get Advice on How to Prevent Crimes – Finally, some insurance providers dont only offer crime coverage, but they also give you tips on how to prevent crime. This means you can have peace of mind in case it happens, but you can try to prevent it first.

Crimes do really happen all of the time, and as more stuff goes online it is becoming easier for thieves to steal from off-site. Make sure that you are covered no matter how you lose inventory or cash. Talk to an insurance agent today to find out if commercial crime insurance is the right coverage for your business.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Commercial Crime Coverage