Many hygienists prefer to have their own professional liability insurance. If you want to secure a policy, you should contact an insurance agency and speak to a representative. He or she can help you obtain the coverage you need.


Who Benefits From Having Liability Insurance?


Though general dental liability insurance often extends coverage to hygienists, it may be better for you to secure your own policy. Stand alone coverage is especially beneficial if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You work in multiple offices
  • You volunteer at clinics, nursing homes, or schools
  • You provide consulting services to clients
  • You wish to control your coverage and select your limits and deductibles


Why Should You Secure Your Own Policy?


People frequently file claims against medical professionals, and dental hygiene liability insurance can provide financial protection when you are facing a lawsuit. Another reason why you should secure own insurance is that a policy will follow you through any job changes. You can eliminate coverage gaps that arise due to lay-offs or changes in employer-sponsored policies. You should understand that a lawsuit can devastate you financially. Dental hygiene liability insurance will cover your legal fees and ensure that your financial assets are protected. If you do not have your own policy, contact an insurance agency and speak to a representative about the coverage options available to you.


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How You Benefit From Dental Hygiene Liability Insurance