3 Key Marina Insurance Terms

Before purchasing marine insurance, make sure you know the terminology for the coverage you need. Although every marina is unique, most marina packages include common protections that apply to the particular work of hosting watercraft.

1. Marina Operators Legal Liability (MOLL)

One of the foundations for insuring a marina is Marina Operators Legal Liability or MOLL for short. This coverage ensures the marina owner is protected in terms of liability in the three Cs: care, custody and control of watercraft. MOLL coverage includes protection for damage that occurs during the following events:

  • storing vessels on land or in water
  • moving or launching vessels
  • fueling
  • docking, mooring or test driving
  • dry docking (maintenance)

2. Bumbershoot (Marine Umbrella)

Bumbershoot is an umbrella coverage that provides even greater liability protection. It covers both marine and non-marine exposure.

3. P&I (Protection and Indemnity)

P&I coverage is a specific type of protection that can be added to a marina policy. It covers damages such as bodily injury, loss of life and property damage when operating vessels in your care.

Marina insurance is essential for anyone operating a marina or yacht club, but it can be a complicated undertaking. It’s best to consult with a marine insurance professional who can provide you with the package best suited to your needs.