Dog Liability Insurance Quotes

3 Reasons to Get Dog Liability Insurance Quotes

If you have a dog, you are probably aware that you can’t control their every move. Whether it is on purpose or simply an accident, most dogs will end up causing issues of some kind. Because you value your dog and the people around you, there are several reasons to get dog liability insurance quotes.

1. Cost of an Incident

Medical and liability claims filed regarding dog bite injuries add up to over $400 million a year. Especially if your dog is an aggressive breed or gets nervous around strangers, it can be wise to protect yourself against a claim in the event they cause an injury.

2. Reassure Landlords

Some property managers or landlords may charge you a higher rate or even refuse to rent to you if you have a dog. Getting dog liability insurance can encourage them to accept you as a tenant.

3. Any Dog can be a Risk

Even the calmest dogs can become hostile depending on the circumstances. Dogs can be protective of their owners and their property, and innocent situations can escalate quickly. Just because your dog has shown no past signs of aggression doesn’t mean they could never cause an injury.

Getting dog liability insurance quotes can show you exactly what types of coverage are available and how they can protect you. It can also help you see how much money you would save in the event your dog causes an injury.