Massachusetts insurance agents

3 Reasons You Need Insurance

Massachusetts insurance agents are part of an industry that can help individuals and businesses to protect assets and work toward a stable financial future. Here are three reasons that insurance is a need, not a luxury.

1. Owning a Home

While a lender will require that you carry insurance on your mortgaged home to protect its interests, maintaining insurance coverage isn’t mandatory in the case of outright purchase. However, without insurance coverage you have no safeguard in the event of injury to someone or damage to the home. An insurance agent can help you find the right policy for your needs and budget.

2. Running a Business

Businesses are required to carry some types of insurance. One example is workers compensation for businesses of a certain size. Other coverages are simply wise decisions, such as data loss protection. Massachusetts insurance agents can help you determine risks to your operations and tailor coverage to your circumstances.

3. Providing for Your Family

Critical illness can decimate savings and reduce your family’s standard of living. The disability or death of a breadwinner can have similar catastrophic financial impact. Investing in sufficient health and life insurance can alleviate worry about unexpected misfortune.

Insurance coverage can insulate you from some of life’s blows. Massachusetts insurance agents are trained to assess clients’ needs and can offer a wide selection of insurance products to meet them.