Insurance for Apartment Buildings

3 Things to Consider When Buying Building Insurance

You want to protect your investment, but sorting through all the different options when it comes to buying insurance for apartment buildings can be overwhelming. Here are a few important things to consider as you start the process.

What Should Be Included in My Policy?

The most important part of any building policy is the building itself. If your structure isn’t protected, you risk losing the income source entirely. Make sure your policy includes protection from hail, fire, windstorms and other forces of nature so your building can be repaired quickly if disaster strikes.

Another critical part of your policy is liability insurance. You will want to think about the specific risks you will face. Tenants and employees could file a claim for an injury that occurs on your property, and you could even face liability for cyber theft of tenants’ personal information.

Crime is a major factor to consider as well. Break-ins are unfortunately common, and internal theft by employees happens more than many people realize. Loss from theft is the most obvious risk, but counterfeit currency and forgery of any kind must also be addressed.

Protect Your Investment

All the hard work you put in to become a landlord shouldn’t go to waste because you aren’t protected from calamity. Keep these things in mind when you contact a professional to purchase insurance for apartment buildings so you can run your property worry-free.