3 Things to Know About Fixing Warped Floors

It can be upsetting to walk into a room and notice that your wood or laminate floors are warping. Yet, before you panic and start ripping out floorboards, there a few things you can do to determine the extent of the damage and what potential repairs may be needed to fix warped floors. Here are three helpful recommendations for restoring your floors.

1. Locate the Source of the Problem

Usually, warped floors are the result of standing water beneath the floor. Warped floorboards typically look disfigured and uneven. While the problem may seem minor, it’s important to take it seriously in case of an even bigger underlying issue. However, once you locate the water source causing the damage, you can make a more informed decision on how to mend the problem.

2. Determine the Size 

The size of the damaged floor will determine the materials needed to fix the problem. Large warps require more effort and likely will need new slats the same size, shape, and color of your existing floorboards. Smaller warps can be easier to repair. If the wood is still flexible, you may be able to straighten the area by placing a heavy object on top.

3. Decide if You Need a Professional

According to, if the area is too large to fix on your own, you may need to call a professional. They can help determine if there is an underlying issue with your foundation. Even though it may be a big investment upfront, the value of your home will increase significantly once the problem is corrected.