The Basics Of Orange County Auto Insurance Terms

Before you start shopping around for Orange County auto insurance, you really need to understand the different terms and what sort of coverage they describe. This is important because you may choose to not have one particular type of insurance coverage if you do not really need it. The main term that everyone needs to understand is liability coverage. You must have this. This pays for the people or property that you damage with your vehicle. Do not skimp on this coverage because if you really hurt someone seriously or hit a very expensive car, the costs could be astronomical. Comprehensive coverage is protects your vehicle from things that are not a collision such as if your car catches fire or it gets stolen. Collision coverage means that your vehicle is protected if it get hit or if you hit someone, it pays for repairs of your own car. This is an optional coverage that you can drop if your vehicle is old, you own it outright, and you figure that if you hit someone you would not bother to get it repaired. Medical coverage adds just another layer of protection for medical costs for you if you are injured in a car accident but again is not necessary if you have excellent health insurance. And finally, there are additional optional coverages such as for windshields, towing, if you want to be able to rent a car while yours is being repaired. When you buy Orange County auto insurance, checking the levels for all these different types of coverage is very important. Click here to know more about Blackwell Insurance Agency.