A Short Guide To Sexual Assault Insurance

If you own and run a business, it is likely that you want your workplace to be a safe and welcoming environment for both employees and customers. You probably take all possible precautions and perform background checks before hiring new employees to make sure you only take on individuals with a stellar history. However, things do sometimes slip through the cracks and your business could end up facing claims of sexual assault. Sexual assault claims can be devastating to a business and can easily end up costing thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements. This is why it is important to have sexual assault insurance.

What Types of Coverage Do You Need To Defend Against Claims of Sexual Assault?

There are several types of insurance that can offer some protection against claims of sexual assault. Director’s and officer’s insurance can provide some coverage for claims of this nature made against the business’s directors and officers. Employment practices liability insurance can cover claims made by employees against their co-workers or superiors. It can also often cover claims made by third parties like vendors or customers.

What Types Of Businesses Need Sexual Assault Coverage?

Any business with employees could benefit from sexual assault coverage. However, the businesses that need this type of coverage the most are those that work with the elderly or children. These types of businesses tend to face the most claims of this nature.

Sexual assault claims can be devastating to a business. Having the right insurance can make all the difference.