valet insurance

Assessing and Reducing the Risks of Your Valet Service

Purchasing valet insurance is a must if you own any business that happens to offer these services to guests. The insurance helps to protect you if an accident does happen to occur and a customer’s car is damaged due to valet driver error. In addition to buying insurance, however, there are a number of other things you can do in order to ensure your valet service is as reliable and lawsuit-friendly as possible, including:

1. Hiring Reliable Drivers

If you’re looking to run a safe valet service, the last thing you want to do is hire someone who has an awful driving record for the position. Be sure to do a thorough check on driving histories before taking someone on to fill a position in your valet team. In fact, many agencies offering valet insurance may require you to run a thorough driving and/or background test on any employees you’re looking to have covered. Furthermore, provide plenty of training to any drivers you hire, even if they do have an excellent record.

2. Establish Rules

Don’t just tell your drivers to “be safe.” Establish a strict set of driving rules and protocols for employees to follow while on the job. This further reduces the likelihood of accidents occurring, and keeps you covered if an employee does happen to disregard directions. This should include driving slowly/cautiously and having a thorough knowledge of the operation area.

3. Keep Drivers Safe

Of course, keeping your employees safe is critical as well. Provide them with easily notable outfits at all times, and make wearing a seatbelt mandatory while on the job.

Following these protocols help keep your valet drivers, customers and assets safe while maximizing the effectiveness of your valet insurance plan.