Paper Distributors Insurance

Benefits of a Workers Compensation Dividend Plan in Paper Distributors Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a necessary expense to protect your paper company against claims filed by employees for injuries on the job, but it could be a significant cost of business operation. Dividend plans provide options for lowering the charges associated with paper distributors insurance. With a dividend policy, the insurer partners with the insured to minimize risk and decrease incidents leading to claims. Benefits are seen in these three major ways:

Reduction of Claims

Through safety reviews and employee education programs, chances of your workers experiencing injury on the job are lessened. Your companys problem areas are identified by evaluation of past claims so that appropriate corrective measures can be implemented.

Return of Premium

The amount of your premium is determined at the outset of the coverage period. Following the policy term, an evaluation is made of the success of risk management strategies. Good performance in claims reduction is rewarded by payment of dividends to your company, decreasing your overall insurance costs.

Improved Working Conditions

An additional benefit of a dividend plan is a better working environment for all staff members. An insurance company that specializes in policies for paper distributors and similar operations brings a wealth of information and strategies that have proven effective in risk reduction.

Dividend plans provide financial incentive for an employer to increase safety in the workplace. Savings can be realized through return of premiums, lower claims costs and improved conditions. The option of workers compensation dividends can be an effective means of lessening the overall cost of paper distributors insurance.


photo credit: FeatheredTar cc