insurance website design

Build a User-Friendly Insurance Website

Insurance agents and agencies have plenty of choices among companies that can help them build a website, including those that offer templates so clients can choose a readymade design and just fill in their company specifics. For agencies who want to stand out from the competition, a cookie-cutter website doesn’t cut it. You need an insurance website design that can help you bring in new clients by building user-friendly features into its design.

Best Practices

More and more people find their insurance and a variety of other services through online searches. In building your website, here are a few best practices to follow:

  • User-friendly navigation: Keep it simple so visitors can find what they need quickly. If they have to hunt, they may give up.
  • Fast loading time: Graphics are attractive, but they can really slow the load time of your site. Nobody wants to wait and potential clients may think your site is broken.
  • Mobile users: Consumers use their smartphones for everything today and your website should be responsive to smaller screens for easy reading.

Stand Out From Others

You can’t stand out from other insurance agencies if you look just like everybody else online. Make sure you use a reputable company with experience in insurance website design who can help you convert visitors into customers.