Builders Risk Policy New Jersey

What Does a Builders Risk Policy Cover?

If you own or operate a construction company, then you need a comprehensive insurance policy that covers everything. A builders risk policy in New Jersey is definitely worth getting in case something happens to the site over the course of construction, and numerous items are included.

Natural Events

Sometimes the weather will not be working in your favor as you are building something. A fire could break out, or strong winds could delay construction for quite a while. Hail and lightning can also cause problems, and most builders risk policies will include these acts that you cannot control.


You care about your site. Unfortunately, not everyone holds the same passion. Showing up to work and seeing the site is covered in graffiti can be disheartening. Luckily, most policies will cover these random acts of vandalism.


Additionally, you may show up to work to find that certain items have been stolen. Not only will you have to replace whatever was taken, but you may need to delay operations. A comprehensive policy will help you out in these scenarios.

You should review the builders risk policy in New Jersey you are thinking of getting thoroughly before signing up. You need to be completely knowledge of what is covered and what is not. This will be incredibly useful in the event you do need to utilize it.