Virginia workman’s comp

Does Your Business Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

In Virginia, businesses must carry worker’s comp insurance if they have two or more employees. However, this is a very general statement of the rule. There are many different faucets that you should also understand to ensure you are compliant with the law:

  • Classification of employees does not matter.

What this means is that your employees may be part-time, full-time, sub-contractors or executives. In some cases, independent contractors are also counted as employees. Generally speaking, if you have more than two people working for you in any way, you have to have coverage.

  • All employees must be covered.

You cannot choose which employees to offer Virginia workman’s comp. You must cover anyone who qualifies as an employee. However, executives or LLC managers can choose to exempt themselves.

  • If you do any work in Virginia, you must comply with the state’s laws.

Even if your business is not located in the state, if you perform work in the state at all, you must follow Virginia’s laws and carry the state’s insurance. It does not matter if you are only working in the state on a very temporary basis or for just one project, you must carry the state’s insurance because insurance from other states will not be recognized.

Worker’s compensation laws are handled at the state level, so it’s important when researching Virginia workman’s comp that you make sure the information is for this specific state. The requirements of each state very widely, so you could easily make mistakes if you aren’t looking at the right state’s information.