Buy Pet Insurance And Avoid Tragedy

Over four hundred million dollars is spent every year in the United States alone on medical care that is needed as the result of a dog bite. And even though you love your pet, and you do what you can to train them, their behavior may still be unpredictable at times. Even the most loving pet can turn violent if they feel those they love are in danger or being threatened. If you choose to own a dog, the responsible thing to do is to purchase a Florida covered canine policy as soon as you bring your dog home.

Protection Details

A Florida covered canine policy protects you in the event that your dog bites another person. The medical expenses that are incurred and the damages the victim seeks will fall to you as the pet owner, and it’s important that you are protected to avoid falling into financial ruin because of something that you did your best to avoid.

The Costs

Think of the costs that you could be responsible for if your dog bites another human being. Medical care is expensive, and it will all come out of your pocket. With a Florida covered canine policy, you can protect yourself for as little as seventy-five dollars a year per dog. The difference in what you would pay without insurance and what you would pay for a policy makes it an easy decision to purchase a policy.