Buying Contactors Liability Insurance the Right Way

Connecticut contractors insurance

If you’re a contractor and are securing Connecticut contractors insurance, it’s important that you proceed the right way in order to avoid a major headache and possible financial fallout in the future.


Check Your Exclusions


Before you sign anything for Connecticut contractors insurance, make sure that you’re actually getting the coverage that you want. On your liability policy the exclusions will be listed on the first page with a form number that you can refer to for a more detailed explanation of that exclusion. Make sure that the form numbers on the front page match up with the form numbers in your insurance policy. If one is missing, make sure that your insurance provider is aware.




Make sure that your Certificate of Insurance and the Certificate of Insurance for all of your subcontractors is current and has a valid insurance company. If you see an insurance company that you aren’t familiar with, call your agent for more information.


Financial Rating


As you’re looking for liability insurance providers, make sure that you check their financial record so that you can be sure that you’ll be covered in the event that you actually have to make a claim. If the insurance company can’t financially handle your claim, then you’ll have to handle the financial burden.


Don’t cut corners or make hasty decisions when getting Connecticut contractors insurance. A little research and digging can mean the difference between great coverage and no coverage at all.