Choosing Experienced Marina Insurance Brokers

Choosing Experienced Marina Insurance Brokers

Navigable waters are governed by different laws than those of the land, therefore insuring property that falls on both the land and sea requires a specialized expertise. Marina insurance programs make sure you are covered from the snack shop in the boat house to your wealthiest customer’s most impressive yacht. From the most modest marina to classiest yacht club, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of your coverage options. Only experienced brokers can provide you with the insight and peace of mind to keep your coverage up to date and ship shape.

More Than Just Boats

Multi-use facilities have a wide variety of amenities that typically are not offered at smaller marinas and yacht clubs. If your business includes any of the following luxuries, you will most likely require specialized insurance.

  • Boat sales
  • Boat and equipment rentals
  • Repair and Storage
  • Restaurant, dining and bar facilities

Assessing Risk

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods make it impossible to entirely prevent property damage. However, professional marina insurance programs go a long way to help you assess how to insure your business and cut down costs without compromising the protection you deserve. Seek out a well-established, professional agency with a working familiarity of the necessary ordinances to help you learn how best to insure your business.