small law firm legal malpractice insurance

Client Claims: What to Do When Your Client Takes Legal Action

Your firm may pride itself in taking care of its clients but that doesn’t change the possibility of clients filing claims against the firm. It happens to the best firms, no matter the size. Your best shot is preparation in the form of small law firm legal malpractice insurance.

Review the Claim

Before you take action, review the claim. If you want to get outside legal advice, you can look over it with another attorney. If this isn’t your specialty, it might help to have an outside lawyer.

Do Not Communicate With Client

You might feel tempted to speak with the client. Follow the same advice you would give your clients. Do not contact or communicate with the client yourself.

Tell Insurance of Complaint

Make sure that you have insurance in advance! Do not wait until something happens to seek insurance. By the time you have to deal with a claim filed, you should have an insurer to contact and inform of the complaint.

Most law firms have to face legal claims eventually. Even the best firms have to deal with it. While small firms might not think there’s anything to worry about, there is. It’s better to have protection in the form of small law firm legal malpractice insurance than to wait for something to happen.