New Jersey commercial auto insurance

Commercial Car Insurance: Do You Need It?

While no one is going to question the need for personal auto insurance, commercial insurance is a completely different subject. Think about it this way: you insure your business, just as you would insure a house. Why wouldn’t you insure your professional vehicle like you would a personal vehicle? Here is what to consider before deciding on New Jersey commercial auto insurance.

Business Usage

How often is the vehicle used for commercial purposes? Average use would be more than three times in a one-month time frame. Keep in mind that a commute is not business use. However, if you use the vehicle to visit clients or job sites, then this is going to be a commercial vehicle.

Registration Name

Whose name is the vehicle under? If you registered the vehicle to the business, then you have to have commercial auto insurance with it. Now, if the car is in your name, this doesn’t mean you have to change it to the name of your business or to even stop yourself from receiving commercial auto insurance. You may still need it.

If you’re convinced that professional car insurance is for you, then it’s time to shop around for New Jersey commercial auto insurance. Your business needs the same protections you receive at home.