Complete Insurance Coverage for every Staffing Niche

temporary staffing insurance

Business insurance has grown dizzyingly complex in the past few decades. The number of companies relying on temporary employees continues to grow. That includes blue collar, white collar, and professional niches. The best insurers offer temporary staffing insurance that covers all of these employees, including consultants and direct hires, to protect the individual as well as the company. A comprehensive package generally has around $10,000,000 of coverage, with more coverage possible.


Types of Coverage Required


Every business needs a package of liability policies to prevent serious financial loss in case of major accident or litigation, but it can get complex with a mix of permanent and temporary employees in the same business. Temporary employees may be more prone to alleging discrimination, so good employment practices and employee benefits policies are essential. Worker’s compensation is always a must. It’s probably a good idea for managers to sit down with temporary staffing insurance specialists to determine where there are weak points in their coverage and what additional policies might shore it up.


Customizing Your Insurance


Companies that use temporary employees have some unique situations regarding training, policies, and simple interpersonal dynamics. Luckily, staffing insurance specialists can help educate managers about minimizing and mitigating exposures to risk. This might include examining current company policies, procedures, and paperwork. It could also involve diversity training to better deal with a diverse group of employees. A company with an extensive history of insuring the staffing industry should be able to customize a temporary staffing insurance package for your unique needs. Getting to know you helps them understand where you are coming from, and thus they are more able to help protect your business from loss of any sort.