Customizing Your Commercial General Liability Insurance

Customizing Your Commercial General Liability Insurance

Enhance your basic commercial general liability insurance in Champaign IL with special endorsements to your policy that cover more contingencies. Talk to your insurance agent about the type of coverage you need to fully protect your business.

If your employees use their personal auto or you rent vehicles during the course of business, you can take out a “hired and non-owned auto liability” insurance policy. If your employee is involved in accident while carrying out a work-related duty, your business could be held liable. This policy would protect you.

Errors and Omissions insurance applies to negligent acts or errors, like an advertising error made by a printer or a plumbing repair that later breaks and causes a flood. Different industries have different needs. Directors and officers liability covers bad decisions made by your board.

Umbrella policies are available to extend coverage against unusually high losses. It’s a sad paradox, but the more successful your business, the more likely you are to be sued. Work with your insurance company to review areas of risk for your company. An affordable umbrella policy gives you peace of mind if the worst ever happens.

Your commercial general liability insurance in Champaign IL has exclusions, and it’s important for your business to have the coverage it needs. Your agent will help you put together the right coverage for your industry and organization. Use the resources that are available to you to keep your business financially secure.


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