cyber risk insurance in Indiana

Cyber Risk Insurance in Indiana and Security

Cyber liability is a growing concern, with instances occurring each and every day. This problem continues to be on the rise, and we’ve prepared some valuable information in order to help stem the tide of cyber crimes for businesses that are constantly and currently at risk. Purchasing cyber risk insurance in Indiana will help in the aftermath of a cyber attack.

Security can thwart suspected hackers and cyber criminals

Thieves can comb the Internet gathering vital information that can make their jobs much easier. For example, there are many personal references that hackers could discover by simply following an employee on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. The personal information consumers post to social networks is a hacker’s dream. These details can be used for a whole slew of illegal purposes, like figuring out answers to security questions for online accounts, tracking personal activities, identity theft, or knowing when people won’t be home for an extended period of time.

Advise your staff it might be wise not to divulge such personal info like their date of birth, anniversaries, full names, and addresses. Also, when operating a company computer or laptop, using different passwords on different systems and changing them regularly can greatly reduce their exposures.

Setting a wireless router so it doesn’t display a personal network’s name is also a prudent move. In addition, set up the router so it only allows devices to access the wireless network after manually entering the device’s Media Access Control address, which is a serial number that is unique to every device.

Use precaution when downloading apps

Be wary of free apps and programs unless you know that they were properly tested. A lot of smartphones and personal electronic devices don’t have anti-virus programs available, therefore it’s best to ensure that the systems being used, the applications loaded, and the actions taken are done in a most thorough way. Anyone responsible for highly sensitive data should store it on a device not connected to the Internet thereby greatly reducing the threat of it becoming hacked information. When a cyber theft does occur, as is often the case nowadays, cyber risk insurance in Indiana is one way to help recoup any associated losses.