boat insurance Florida

Determining Price of Boat Coverage

You have all your life jackets and safety measures. You even have a weekend getaway planned. However, have you thought about your boat insurance?

Having the adequate coverage can make a huge impact. It can mean the difference between years of happy sailing and an empty wallet. Still, those new to boating or those obtaining their second boat may be interested in knowing what the boat insurance Florida average cost comes down to. Unfortunately, there is not a sure of way knowing exactly what your coverage price will be without reaching out to a qualified agency for a quote. However, there are a few different factors that can affect your monthly premium.

Boat Size

Many agencies charge around 1.5% to 2% of your boat’s estimated value. This of course means that the larger your boat the more expensive your monthly cost can be.


One of the biggest factors that affects your monthly premium is your location. If your boat is situated in a location that is prone to strong weather events like hurricanes or tsunamis, your monthly bill may likely be more expensive than that of the average lake boat.

Boating History

Many agencies look at your background. For example, they can check to see if you have had your boating license suspended or if you have been in past accidents that involve claims.

Looking at each of these factors can help you understand how your boat can fare with the boat insurance Florida average cost. Start working with a reliable team, and sail without stress.