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Do Nurses Really Need Malpractice Insurance?

The need for nurses to have NSO malpractice insurance often seems like it is overblown, but it is more helpful than you may think. Unfortunately, nurses are not exempt from medical malpractice claims. The occurrences of nurses included in these cases are increasing in the past few years, so it is more important than ever for all medical professionals to be adequately protected.

Isn’t My Employer-Provided Liability Enough?

In a perfect world, liability insurance through an employer’s policy would be more than enough to cover any possible situations their employees might face. However, the reality is that there are plenty of gaps left by employer-provided insurance. Many insurance policies from employers use shared liability limits rather than offering the same amount of coverage to each individual worker. Even if you are fortunate enough to receive funds within the shared limit, attorney’s fees and lost wages could still come out of your pocket.

When you work in the medical field, it is better to have too much coverage than too little. Luckily, you can fill the gaps left by employer-provided insurance with a personal malpractice policy. Most nurses choose from one of two options. The first is occurrence-based insurance and the second is claims-made insurance. Occurrence-based policies cover events that happen during the policy even after the policy ends. Claims-made policies only cover events for the duration of the policy.

With affordable rates and experienced providers, every nurse should have the peace of mind that comes with personal malpractice insurance.