Newport Beach boat insurance

Don’t Forget the Boat Insurance

It’s a perfect day for boating in Newport Beach, California, and the sea is calling. You pack food, water, sunscreen and fishing gear. Your boat, of course, is pre-loaded with safety gear such as paddles, a radio, flares, GPS and even a fire extinguisher. You couldn’t be any more prepared. Or could you? Before you step foot off the dock, be sure to understand your Newport Beach boat insurance options.

A Sea of Options

Boating insurance policies are designed to protect your boat and passengers in and out of the water. The following is a sampling of the options your Newport Beach boat insurance can cover:

  • Boat structure (hull, sails, etc.)
  • Fishing equipment or other special equipment
  • Roadside assistance for your tow vehicle
  • Corrosion
  • Salvage expenses
  • Collision damage
  • Boat-related injuries
  • Towing
  • Fuel spills
  • Bodily injury outside the boat
  • Legal defense
  • Accident with an uninsured or underinsured boater

Know Your Policy

Be sure to read your policy carefully to understand its limitations. Most policies provide coverage only when you stay in a certain geographical area, so familiarize yourself with those boundaries. For example, if a boat trip to Mexico is on the horizon, you will need Mexican watercraft liability insurance. Also, any commercial or charter use of your boat will require a special endorsement by your insurance carrier.

Newport Beach boat insurance is a smart investment. If the unthinkable happens, your insurance policy can protect you and your assets and help you sail through any trouble.