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Earthquake Insurance is Often Overlooked

Earthquakes are a fairly rare occurrence, and a devastating earthquake, for many, is probably not considered a major concern. Still, earthquakes occur all over the globe, and in recent years some have caused serious destruction in many parts of the world. The state of California is no stranger to the earth’s rumblings and has seen its fair share of quake events over the years.


Those who live in areas where quakes are more prevalent should probably look into orange insurance for a little more security when it comes to purchasing stand-alone earthquake insurance that will aid them if, and when, a huge earthquake hits.


An agent that specializes in this policy can help guide you to the products and services that will best aid you in a worst-case scenario. Your cost for coverage options may vary depending on the area where you live, the age of your property, and whether you own a condominium, mobile home, or are simply renting, as well as the style and construction of your home.


Why you should buy earthquake insurance


It’s a known fact that earthquakes are not covered under a typical homeowners or renters policy and are liable to cause significant damage to a person’s property when the Richter scale tips too far. It’s important that you consider how you would manage the costs of recovering from an earthquake should you become impacted by any serious damage that it would likely cause, depending on the strength of the event.


If your home suffers serious damage, how would you pay for those repairs without coverage in place? After all, if the foundation of your home is compromised, the entire structure could actually be deemed unsafe. Brick homes, wood-frame homes with crawl spaces, even multi-story homes are most likely to suffer serious damage as the result of an earthquake.


It should be noted that attempting to secure coverage after the fact isn’t wise since most companies will not sell earthquake insurance policies for 30-60 days after a quake due to the possibility of severe aftershocks, leaving you severely exposed to the possibility of additional structural damage.


Determining just how much insurance you’ll need to purchase for both the structure and contents can be difficult. The right coverage will depend on how much of the repair and replacement costs can be paid out-of-pocket should you suffer a total loss. Earthquake policies from orange insurance vary in cost depending on multiple factors, including the desired level of coverage and deductible amount. Speak to an agent to get all of the facts concerning this important coverage.