Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

What Enhancements Are Available for Your Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance?

Attorneys need different liability insurance than tax advisors. In fact, some lawyers need different attorneys professional liability insurance than other lawyers. Because your needs may be different than the typical counsellor, you need to work with an insurance provider that can offer special enhancements to your policy. The additional features you can get will vary based on the provider you work with, but you may be able to find:

  • Disciplinary Defense: This enhancement helps cover the expenses of defending an attorney when the state bar association holds a disciplinary hearing against him or her.
  • Subpoena Assistance: Typically, adds up to $25,000 to the policy to help pay for counsel for and advice regarding a subpoena served to the insured or someone in the practice.
  • Privacy Breaches: This additional coverage gives extra protection should a breach in privacy take place.
  • Extra Claims Expense: This insurance can help pay for additional costs during a claim that aren’t typically covered by the attorneys professional liability insurance or the general insurance.
  • Range of Limits and Deductibles: You may also be able to get higher or lower limits and deductibles based on your needs.

When you need to get an insurance policy that fits your needs, work with an insurance provider that can give you a unique policy. Learn more about the enhancements available to you by talking with an agent.