CPA malpractice insurance

Essential Insurance Programs for CPAs

Everyone has a duty to pay taxes. Some people can file their taxes on their own, but when a tax preparer is required, a certified public accountant (CPA) is the person best suited to perform these duties. Running any business, by its very nature, is a risky endeavor, and operating as a CPA certainly comes with a slew of risks and exposures.


Nowadays, investing time in quality CPA Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Programs is a must. These programs offer liability insurance that helps cover your insureds, their businesses and their employees from all types of professional liability lawsuits, along with providing coverage for any associated defense costs.


Professional liability coverage is vital to this industry. It is specifically designed to offer protection to accounting professionals for an array of emerging exposures they face. In addition, it can help protect the firm they own or are partnered in, against losses resulting from negligence, errors, and omissions in the performance of professional services. This errors and omissions policy can be tailored to fit the business needs of firms and individuals providing professional services.


Valuable policy benefits


Some of the key policy benefits provided by a liability policy include network and information security offense coverage, security breach remediation and notification expenses, investment advisor coverage, personal fiduciary coverage, crisis event coverage, and valuable pre-claim assistance.


Along with this coverage, you can offer insureds a broad array of risk management services to assist in proactively mitigating accounting liability exposures. This is essential for anyone who provides bookkeeping services, tax preparers, small and mid-sized accounting firms, enrolled agents and accounting professionals.


As an accounting professional, your client may be committed to the accuracy and integrity of their work for the many different clients served. But mistakes and errors come with the territory, and while no one wishes to do harm to the people they offer these services to, it can and will occasionally happen. Why allow your clients to run the risk of a costly lawsuit, not to mention any resulting damage to reputation when the solution is to simply have them enlist in CPA Accountants Professional Liability Programs that will provide around-the-clock protection.