Everyone Flipped for Flip Cameras

Pure Digital scored big when it came out with the flip camera. Small and compact, you can slip it in your pocket and take it everywhere you go to record life’s moments, adventures, and experiences. Consumers flocked to the flip in droves, with more than 2 million flip cameras sold in 2009 alone – before the explosion of the smartphone and all its capabilities.

The point-and-shoot camera from Pure Digital, available in a variety of “hot” colors, including a streamlined black and white, purple and sunflower yellow, was seen as a sexy, sleek tech gadget that’s easy to use. Gone were the days of lugging around heavy, oversized video cameras on vacations, at your daughter’s soccer match, and your son’s school play. The Flip Camera fit nicely in your shirt pocket, jeans, and purse.

The Flip Camera from Pure Digital Technologies caught the eye of CISCO Systems, which purchased the Flip. CISCO had already made inroads into the consumer market over the last decade, having also purchased Linksys, the home-network router manufacturer.
The Flip Camera had many imitators but still remains the top-selling camcorder on Amazon.com. In fact, in an effort to chip away at Flip Camera sales, Sony and Kodak launched their own flip-like camcorders.