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Features Of An Auto Insurance Policy

Even though Auto Insurance in Lynn MA is spoken of as a single product, it is actually comprised of many different parts. Each of these parts fit together, rather like the pieces in a puzzle. All together, these services provide you with protection and assistance in a number of circumstances. The road can be an unpredictable place so having a broad range of coverage is to your best advantage.

What’s Really in There?

If your auto insurance policy is like a puzzle, then what are the individual pieces? What does your Auto Insurance in Lynn MAactually contain? While there is a degree of variation between different policies, there are certain forms of coverage that you can rely on to be there, such as:

  • Liability – pays for damage or injury caused in an accident you were part of. In many states, drivers are required to have a policy that, at minimum, provides liability coverage.
  • Collision – helps cover the cost of auto repair in accidents you were found to have caused
  • Comprehensive – assists paying for vehicle repairs in accidents that weren’t your fault

Additional Coverage

These three forms of coverage address a driver’s most frequent concerns though there’s more that your policy can do. Your agent can show you policies that include towing services and the provision of a rental car should you find yourself without a vehicle after an accident. These and other helpful lines of coverage are just a few of the features that can be found inside your auto insurance policy.