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How To File an Earthquake Insurance Claim

The beaches. The culture. There are dozens of reasons to live in Orange County but living in southern California also means you need to be prepared for the possibility of an earthquake. If one does shake things up in your home or business, take these steps to file a claim with your OC insurance company.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After an earthquake, contact your company to determine your next course of action. Your agent will help you file a claim by asking a few questions. You can do this up to one year after the earthquake.

Meet Your Claims Adjuster

Your claims adjuster is responsible for assessing damage and assigning a value to what you lost. The adjuster works for the insurance company and has the responsibility of minimizing what the company must pay. While adjusters do have laws to follow, it is still important to meet yours to ensure he or she is being fair. Keep your own damage documentation photographs as well. You might also consider having an independent evaluation done.

Receive Your Money

After the assessments are complete, your insurance company will cut you a check for the amount you’re owed, less the deductible. With the payment, you will receive a detailed description of what it is meant to cover.

It is important to note that your OC insurance policy doesn’t automatically cover earthquakes, so buy coverage now if you don’t already have it. Doing so will save you a world of problems if an earthquake does occur.