Flip camera

Flip Camera: Talking About A Revolution

The Flip Camera from Pure Digital Technologies revolutionized the video camcorder industry. For the first time, you had a point-and-shoot video camera that was the size of a mobile phone with the capability of recording whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted. Parents, grandparents…in fact, everyone was now a videographer.

The Flip Camera put high-definition video into an affordable, pocket-size, simple-to-use package. It was so great that behemoth CISCO Systems purchased Flip from Pure Digital Inc. in 2009 for $590 million.

You have to look back to see why the Flip Camera was so great. It allowed you to leave that heavy, bulky video camcorder, along with its strapped case, at home. You could just put the Flip Camera in your pocket, point and shoot when you were ready to record your son’s basketball match, daughter’s ballet recital, trip to Italy, etc. – and all at high-definition quality. You can easily upload and share the video with family and friends to edm websites like Facebook or YouTube. What’s more, the price was right – affordable for most everyone looking to record.

A lot of imitators copied Pure Digital’s Flip including Sonny’s Bloggie Touch, Kodak’s PlaySport Zx5, the Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder, Canon’s PowerShot Elph 300 HS, and, of course, Apple’s iPhone 4.