insurance for California boats

How to Get Discounts on Boat Insurance

Providers take into account a number of different factors when determining the rates on insurance for California boats. While it may initially seem like some of your circumstances will work against you, the good news is that there is actually a fair amount of variable discounts you could get applied to your vessel.

Seize the Savings

Regardless of your situation, there is at least one discount that could likely work for your boat insurance policy. Examples include:

  • Documented proof that your boat is currently insured. This shows that you have a record both of responsibility for your craft and paying your premiums on time.
  • The recent purchase of a vessel. Owning a new boat will secure a discount when you sign up for a policy with some companies.
  • Navigation. Areas with coastal exposure are generally deemed as higher risk for boaters, so if you live in an inland region, your rates may be lower.
  • Outboard motor. Depending on the total number of motors your boat has, you may receive a discount for equipping it with outboard motors, as they tend to require easier repairs and maintenance.
  • Speed. Some companies offer a discount for crafts with maximum speeds of 25 mph to 35 mph.
  • Good driving record. If you possess a clean driving record, chances are you will operate a boat safely, as well. Recognizing this correlation, your insurance provider may give you a discount.

As you can see from the aforementioned discounts, obtaining insurance for California boats does not have to break the bank – and the peace of mind that comes with it is priceless.