Insurance Agent Marketing

Helpful Advice for Insurance Agent Marketing

Smaller agencies may find it difficult to compete in a market where larger corporations have already inundated the market. This is where Insurance Agent Marketing becomes quite valuable. There are plenty of customers out there who prefer to deal with smaller companies because they believe that you will be more attentive to their needs.

Your job is to make sure that your agents deliver on this promise. They need to be engaging, sincere, and dedicated to helping each client they come into contact with in dealing with their specific needs and goals when it comes to purchasing and maintaining coverage. This requires follow-up, occasionally checking in, even if just dropping an email message or an unsolicited phone call, to let them know you’ve been thinking about them and wanted to make sure they were satisfied with the service they’ve received. This is how client retention is achieved and it often leads to referrals as well.

Focus on your local market

Thinking locally is always a smart idea. Not all marketing needs to be done on a grand scale, and you really should be focusing on what’s going on in your community. There may be opportunities to sponsor a local little league team, or charity event that’s coming up. Look for places where your ideal customers may be spending their time and make your presence known. These are just a few of the ways in which you can get involved.

There’s a lot to be said for networking

While this isn’t for everyone, if you happen to be good at it, there really isn’t a better way to spend some of your time in order to help build your business. It’s as simple as getting out to some local networking events. Once there, engage as many people as possible, pass out some cards, talk a little bit about what you do, and also ask people if there are any questions or pressing concerns they have regarding insurance. There really is something special about shaking hands and getting to know people.

Remember, when it comes to Insurance Agent Marketing that it’s always important to keep your company and your brand top-of-mind with prospective customers. While you may have to invest some time, it’s often well worth the results.