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Home Safety Tips to Help You Save Money



Homeowners in L.A. should not always carry home insurance in Los Angeles, but should also consider taking a few precautions and following safety measures that will not only enhance the value of their homes, but can possibly save them money on their insurance policies.


The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) often issue fire safety advisories during the hot months of summer. In addition, during these summer heat waves, with air conditioners and fans in constant use, we can likely expect a few power outages disrupting our everyday lives. Follow these tips that can help us all prepare for the possibility of potential outages.

Indoor safety tips


Use caution whenever you light lit candles and keep them clear of furniture, drapes and other combustible items. You should never leave lit candles unattended, or alone with children or pets. In the event of a power outage, use flashlights instead of candles when possible. Be sure that extension cords are in good condition and are the proper gauge for items plugged into them. Also, don’t power several items at once.


Outdoor safety tips


Unplug electric tools and disconnect spark plug wires on gasoline-powered tools when not in use. Be sure that power tools are turned off and made inoperable if they must be left unattended. Instruct children that they are never to operate tools used by adults. Never fill gas tanks while machinery is operating or when equipment is still hot. Store gas in an approved container away from the house making sure not to use any type of flame around gasoline.


In the event of a flood, earthquake, or other disaster, make sure the power is off before working on any equipment. In addition, you should replace anything that is visibly damaged. If any electrical equipment has been submerged, it should be replaced or reconditioned by trained factory service personnel. Before restoring electrical power, seek help from a professional, either a local building official, electrical utility or qualified electrician.


As always, you should select and apply electrical equipment in accordance with ratings, nameplates, wiring diagrams, instructions and warnings for that equipment. Practice safety at all times, and rely on your home insurance in Los Angeles, which is designed to help you in the event that a claim has to be filed for any damages that occur to your home.