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More Than Homeowner’s Insurance: How to Protect Yourself

Most mortgage companies require homeowners to keep insurance for their homes. However, it’s important to understand that most policies are comprised of several different components. The idea is to not only protect your structures but to also extend coverage to your physical property and belongings. When looking for an insurance agent in New Mexico for your next homeowner’s policy, it’s important to understand its basic pieces.

Property Insurance

Besides your physical residence, you’ll need to ensure that your inside valuables are protected. This includes not only your everyday belongings, but heirlooms, artwork, jewelry and other effects. Property insurance also covers exterior structures such as sheds or garages. Along with the standard threats such as fire, theft and vandalism, you’ll also want to inquire with your agent about flood coverage, depending on where your home is located.

Liability Additions

Be sure to ask about adding on liability coverage. Your insurance agent in New Mexico will likely suggest it on his or her own, as that gives you added protection for accidents or other unexpected occurrences on your property. It’s an especially wise thing to incorporate if you have a swimming pool, a trampoline or children under 18 in your residence.

It’s vital to understand your homeowner’s insurance package as a total, comprehensive strategy. You’ll need to purchase the right amount of coverage to make sure you don’t leave yourself uncovered for certain kinds of losses. Your insurance agent in New Mexico will assist with the best policy for your situation.