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Hospitality Insurance Required of Most Club Owners

In a nightclub atmosphere, situations exist or can arise that have serious consequences. Fights, injuries, fires, food poisoning, even serving alcohol to an underaged minor can cost a proprietor his or her license. When running an enterprise of this type, the experience can be a big plus. Still, on any given day or night, circumstances out of your control can develop and a steep price may have to be paid.

Part of your education should include buying the right coverage from a New Mexico Insurance Agency that understands the risks and exposures you face. These companies understand the difficulties involved in running an establishment of this type and can help you understand the insurance requirements needed to run a successful venue.

Liquor liability, serving food and the risk of a fire

It’s important that bar and restaurant employees are educated on how to responsibly serve alcohol and realize when a patron has had “too much” to drink. An inebriated customer may become angry or violent, causing a threat to your staff, as well as other customers.

Then there’s the added risk that, while driving from the club they could be involved in an accident and you may very well be blamed for their intoxicated state. You could end up paying for any damages resulting from serving someone too many drinks, not to mention if a fatality results from the incident.

Anytime you are serving hot food there is the added potential for a fire to occur. Operating a kitchen requires having a staff that is trained and ready to act if some type of danger occurs. You need to instruct your staff about safety procedures that should be followed by all employees entering the kitchen, particularly during business hours. Having risk prevention techniques in place can help to minimize the risk of fire, to ensure that these techniques are being properly implemented.

You may also face challenges with regards to parking, transportation, and delivery. Many times, injuries do occur in parking lots, and there are instances where an employee may be required to leave the premises within the scope of their duties, to pick up supplies or to run an errand for your company. If something unfortunate were to happen while they were working off premises, then you’ll also need to be covered under a business auto policy.

There are many things to consider and to be successful you have to be well armed. Speak to an agent who works with a New Mexico Insurance Agency about your questions and issues concerning the different types of coverage needed.