Google Ranking

How Page Speed Affects Your Google Ranking

Your business has a website with the right search keywords. That should be sufficient to rank high and attract customers, correct? Not so fast, or rather, faster! Load time and SEO performance are directly related.

What is load time?

Load time consists of the following two factors:

  • Page speed is how fast 100% of a page’s content loads.
  • Time to First Byte measures the time it takes a browser to begin loading a page.

Does this affect my SEO? Yes! Google includes both speed measurements as crucial factors in its algorithm. A slow-loading site will change the rank of your pages.

Time is of the Essence

Now, more than ever, people expect to access information quickly and accurately. Pages with longer load times have a much higher bounce rate. Users do not spend time on sites with delayed speeds. A minimal lag of only a few seconds could have a significant impact on visitors to your website, negatively affecting engagement and sales.

Improve Customer Experience and Enhance Sales

Sites that load quickly see an increase in conversions. According to Google, the best practice is a page that loads in three seconds or less.

Having a fast site is essential to the success of your business. It is imperative to optimize your load time and SEO performance to effectively reach your customer base.