Marijuana Dispensary

How to Run the Best Marijuana Dispensary

How to Run the Best Marijuana Dispensary

Although selling cannabis is a fairly new market, the numbers of new growers and distributors are increasing and competition is growing. Here are some tips for running a dispensary to help ensure that yours is the best it can be.

  1. Put Your Menu OnlineĀ 

An online menu helps seasoned customers save time by being able to browse before they come in. It also helps newbies to feel less intimidated by your selection.

  1. Hire Friendly and Knowledgeable Counter Staff

The person behind the counter should have information about not just all the varieties available, but also about pertinent laws and regulations. He or she should help build up a base of regular clientele by making customers feel welcome.

  1. Prioritize Security

In this type of business, security is not an issue to be taken lightly. You will need several cameras as well as personnel to guard the doors. Guards should not be so intimidating that customers are afraid to enter but tough enough to make people think twice before doing something dishonest.

  1. Insure Your Investment

Don’t let theft or fire destroy the business you have worked for. The experts at confirm that dispensary insurance is available even for locations that legally allow onsite consumption.