Implementing Insurance Agency SEO

Independent agents and brokers understand how vital the Internet is for reaching prospects and providing service to customers. It is now quite common for most people to research their options via the web before making a purchase, whether or not they plan to buy online.


But obviously they have to be able to find you first, which means implementing an insurance agency search-engine optimization (SEO) strategy that will make it easier for them to do so. People generally use a search engine to find the more popular sites, so the need for your website to have a high ranking becomes all too clear.


SEO is the online equivalent of having an office that is easy to find; it’s in a location that is easily accessible, with a sign on your office door, and your firm is included building directory. You even provide driving directions to visitors. The point is to make your agency accessible to the ever-growing web-focused community.


Ways to create a strong online presence


Essentially, an SEO strategy should elevate your firm’s placement in searches for keywords related to your business. Making your site easier to find using relevant keywords entered in a search enables this. While the major search engines (including Google, BING, and Yahoo) don’t advertise their methodologies for determining these placements (and those algorithms are said to change frequently) there is a definite need for all agents to increase their search engine rankings.
The most important driver in SEO is the frequency with which your site is clicked within the search results themselves. If someone is searching for business insurance in your zip code and your site appears in the results and is clicked often, your ranking in that search engine will elevate.
Another important driver of organic search results is the number and popularity of the other websites that drive traffic to your site. If your agency has strong relationships with a number of different partners and organizations, focus on securing prominent links from their respective websites. Insurance agency SEO is vital to your survival in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.