workers compensation insurance

The Importance of Market Leverage and Workers Compensation Insurance

Your clients rely on you, the insurance agent, to meet all of their workers compensation insurance needs. What they might not understand is that this can be a burden at times, because they oftentimes have special needs that are hard to accommodate.

The Small Business Owner

Small business owners are one group of clients that can make getting workers compensation coverage difficult. Many are reticent to pay for the coverage in the first place, as it’s an additional operating cost that they feel they can surpass. Some people go to great lengths to avoid purchasing workers compensation insurance, including paying people under the table to fudge their employee count.

The High-risk Employee

Other employers will misclassify employee job descriptions to avoid having to pay for high-risk workers comp coverage. Depending on the job danger, this coverage can be impossible to find, and once you do find it, the cost is overwhelming. Consequently, business owners will go to great lengths in an attempt to avoid this coverage altogether.

You Needn’t Worry

Here’s the thing, though: Your clients don’t have to go to these extremes and run the risk of being caught ignoring their state’s regulations. If you work with an experienced workers compensation insurance wholesaler that has strong leverage in the marketplace, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect workers comp policy that meets your client’s needs.