Insurance for Contractors in Clifton New Jersey

Insurance for Contractors in Clifton New Jersey

Construction sites give rise to many concerns when it comes to the safety of the workers. It is the job of the Project Manager (PM), in addition to taking care of the needs of the client, to interact with construction code officials as well as with the design team, to make sure that safety issues are properly addressed. Insurance for contractors in Clifton New Jersey is required for a number of reasons, not least of all to aid workers should they become injured during the course of their duties.

One way to stem the tide of injuries is for the PM to hold safety meetings during the course of each week. He or she will likely conduct weekly, on-site job progress meetings with all necessary parties to determine if the job is proceeding on schedule. The Project Manager, while also overseeing the preparation of the agendas and meeting minutes, construction schedule, RFI logs, additional pricing logs, submittal logs, etc., must not lose sight of the fact that each and every day new safety issues could spring up in unforeseen places.

Field inspections could reveal problem areas

Field inspections should be mandatory for each project or job taken on. During these field inspection meetings, the PM should assess and rectify the following aspects of field operations:

  • Job site maintenance and cleanliness
  • Safety inspection
  • Equipment analysis
  • Documentation
  • Inspection status

Schedule review should help to determine:

  1. Lead-time analysis
  2. Manpower requirements
  3. Sequence of work
  4. Project Completion review

The emphasis should always be on keeping every member of the project team apprised of the project status.

The Project Manager will perform a field inspection of the job site with the field superintendent on the morning of the weekly job progress meetings. Each job site should also maintain a current safety manual with toolbox talk logs and sign in sheets. These logs are to be checked weekly to ensure that current site conditions and safety concerns are addressed and that each contractor is cooperating to the fullest. Safety and accident prevention are two keys to success, and insurance for contractors in Clifton New Jersey is an important component as well.