Dog bite insurance settlements

Insurance for Dangerous Dogs

A dog may be man’s best friend, but occasionally, a furry friend goes rogue and bites someone unexpectedly. If your pet has a likelihood of biting – based on its breed, personality, history, or environmental factors – canine insurance is a smart way to protect you from a devastating conflict or even lawsuit. While it might be frightening to imagine dog bite insurance settlements as part of your life as a pet owner, unfortunate events do happen. Dogs can sometime bite, scratch, frighten, or otherwise harm someone unexpectedly and cause damages that you weren’t prepared for. Fortunately, canine insurance can protect you from an undesirable outcome.

If your dog bites or otherwise assaults someone, you will want to have insurance already in place to deal with the consequences. Dog bite insurance settlements can be resolved peacefully if your canine insurance is already implemented. These insurance policies can be written to your dog’s individual history, personality, and breed. Even if your dog has been labeled dangerous based on its breed, such as a Pit Bull or Rottweiler, there is a policy that can cover it. These liability policies can cover damages caused by the dog, including hospital and medical costs, emotional or mental trauma from the event, lost wages, property damages, court fees, and other miscellaneous costs.