Insurance Agency

Insurance For Wholesale Sellers

If you sell goods wholesale to other merchants, you’re part of a vital industrial backbone that allows the rest of the country’s markets to work properly. As a wholesaler or distributor, you need to be able to price your goods competitively for a variety of merchants, but you also need to keep the insurance coverage that protects your facilities and operation from the unique liabilities you encounter when you fulfill this niche. At there is a good resource for understanding just what those unique needs are and why a team that caters to companies like yours might just be your best bet.

Insurance Tailored To Your Needs

Wholesalers insurance is designed with the specific combination of liability on-site, third party liability, and other coverage options your company needs. It’s designed to help you better meet the needs of your customers by simplifying your insurance, giving you important basics like crime coverage alongside your targeted coverage options so you don’t have to keep working on finding other carriers to take care of different aspects of your business insurance. It makes reviewing coverage as you grow easier, and it also makes your entire claims process simpler if you do need to file one because you won’t have to figure out which insurer the claim needs to go to.