insurance for night clubs

Insurance for Night Clubs When Fights Break Out

As the owner of a nightclub you have a lot on your plate. Employees, customers, laws and regulations all can contribute to your success or failure. You also have a higher level of risk due to the fact that you sell and serve alcohol, and the conduct of your patrons can end up being a serious problem. Often is the case that someone winds up consuming too much and causing trouble with your staff or other customers while they are under the influence.

Assault and battery charges are obviously a concern to your business and you’ll need to have insurance for night clubs to deal with these types of circumstances. It’s quite easy for a situation to quickly escalate out of your control to the point where someone gets seriously injured and a charge of assault and/or battery occurs.

Concerns To Be On The Watch For

Let’s say that a minor uses a fake I.D. card enters your club and has a few drinks. The first problem is you unknowingly served alcohol to a minor, a serious infraction. If he or she then ends up getting into an argument with another patron, and hits or attacks that person causing significant injuries, the victim is likely going to file a claim against you and your establishment.

If your security person, or bouncer, in an attempt to break up a fight causes a major injury, for example a broken bone, and this requires surgery, you’re probably looking at a lawsuit, including medical expenses.

People not properly monitored, out on the town for a night of having a good time, can quite easily drink too much. On the one hand there is the liability of them starting a fight and either injuring someone or being badly hurt themselves. Then you can add to this that they could drive away and cause an accident for which you can also be held responsible.

Even with a policy limit of $100,000 you could very easily exhaust this amount with a single medical expense plus defense costs. Insurance for night clubs should be purchased, and in adequate amounts in order to defend against any lawsuit you could become embroiled in due to inebriated customers causing physical harm to others.