business insurance in Pigeon Forge

Insurance is Not Just for Doctors and Lawyers

Professionals in fields ranging from law to finance, medicine, engineering and more are expected to obtain liability insurance in New Jersey (NJ) and other areas. It’s just part of doing business. But there are many other professions that could benefit from insurance that covers errors and omissions in NJ.

Picture This

Imagine that you are a printer and you mixed up the print-run date for thousands of brochures that a client needed for a huge arts and crafts fair. Because they didn’t get the brochures, the marketing coordinator who ordered them was fired by a supervisor who blamed him for the mix-up. You may be on the hook for more than the cost of printing, however. Are you prepared for a lawsuit?

Protection Against Mistakes

Small-business owners ranging from printers to caterers, wedding planners and more should consider carrying a policy that insures them against costly mistakes. Because clients are going to want that money back, and perhaps additional compensation. If your client is another business, the owner may also seek damages for harm to his reputation.

Insurance is not just for bodily harm that may occur to clients at your office. You need it to conduct business with some peace of mind. It’s only smart to protect yourself and your business with insurance against errors and omissions in NJ.