bar and tavern insurance

Investing in Bar and Tavern Insurance Programs

If you own a bar or tavern it’s important when choosing an insurance broker that you partner with an agency that understands the liability issues and concerns related to this type of enterprise. There are many bar and tavern insurance programs available on the market but you’re going to need the type of comprehensive and detailed policy that will provide you with the best services, ones that will address the complex risks and exposures associated with this line of work.

Whether you’re the owner of a small, local pub or a popular big city nightspot equipped with bouncers for doormen, you’re going to need someone with an understanding of the types of hazards related to operating an establishment of this nature that will be able to provide you with coverage’s for everything from property and public liability insurance to workers compensation, theft, (even food contamination where applicable) regardless of the size, or scope of your business model.


Liquor liability concerns for bar and tavern owners

Liquor liability insurance is perhaps one of the most important policies that you’ll ever need to include in your tavern insurance package. Liquor liability insurance is required in the event that any injuries or damages related to alcohol consumption creates huge legal issues, which can often result in a loss of your license, along with significant fines, penalties, and perhaps judgments in the event that you are sued. It is the only insurance for bars and taverns that protect you from problems that may arise from the use of alcohol, including what may happen to (or because of) customers long after they leave your establishment.

If you rent out your bar or tavern to companies or groups interested in using the facility for private parties you will need coverage for that as well. For example, if you allow groups to rent out your nightclub for special events, as the owner you can be held liable for any issues arising from this arrangement. You should speak to an insurance agent about purchasing event liability insurance if this is to be the case.

Decidedly, bar and tavern insurance programs are key to running a successful business. Remember that it’s a necessity for any owner that wants to succeed in a very competitive market. Having an uninsured, or under-insured business is a disaster waiting to happen and you’ll not likely survive an expensive lawsuit or large settlement without the proper coverage in place.