Lessen Your Risk of Employee Theft

There are many risks that a business faces on a daily basis, but not many people consider the risk that comes from within the company. It’s an unfortunate fact that some employees take advantage of sensitive information a company may have access to, although some security threats are accidental. Fortunately, there are a few internal controls to prevent employee theft that you can implement for improved security.

Measures To Prevent Theft

There are many ways you can prevent theft in your company that are more active than simply being vigilant, although that is part of it. However, thieves are clever and vigilance may not be enough to prevent theft. Here are a few measures you can implement in your business to help inhibit your employees from stealing:

  • Lock up your offices at the end of the day
  • Be careful who handles the company’s money, including payroll
  • Monitor your company accounts on a monthly basis
  • Have employees physically sign for payroll checks
  • Create a safe program for whistle-blowers

Implement Your Security Plan

If you are looking for ways to install internal controls to prevent employee theft, the blog at Axis provides some useful tips. As a final piece of advice, continue updating your methods to keep up with thieves’ techniques. That way, you can stay on top of changes and upgrade your internal controls as needed.