NSO healthcare

Liability for Protection for Healthcare Services

NSO works directly with healthcare providers, offering insurance solutions to meet their special liabilities needs. Working with a variety of healthcare services, these products are tailored to serve an entire healthcare network. Coverage includes basic liabilities, such as injuries, property damage and accidents, as well as malpractice and wrongful death protection. NSO healthcare insurance products cater directly to professional health services and accommodate the unique risks in the field.

As a healthcare provider, you face a wide range of potential liabilities. You need an insurance product that covers both broad and specialized liabilities. NSO healthcare products expand coverage limits and offer protection for risks found only in your profession. In particular, malpractice and patient abuse litigation protection are critical for healthcare professionals. With years of experience, their agents know how to handle these cases and protect your company from devastating losses.

Finally, you need an agency that does the work ahead of time. Through an extensive underwriting process, NSO can provide solutions that are responsive and targeted. To find out more about healthcare liability insurance or any commercial insurance need, speak with NSO today. Together, they can build you a product portfolio that protects both you and your insured, providing higher coverage limits, better risk assessment, and smarter loss mitigation.